The Art of Breaking Cryptography

Authors: Alena Shapack

Pages: 512

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“Don’t roll your own crypto” ~ Confucio.

The Art of Breaking Cryptography reveals the cryptographic techniques that drive the security of web APIs, registering and logging in users. You’ll learn how these techniques power modern security, and how to apply them to your own projects and, in particular, how to break flawed protocols. Alongside modern methods, the book also anticipates the future of cryptography, diving into emerging and cutting-edge advances such as cryptocurrencies, and post-quantum cryptography. All techniques are fully illustrated with diagrams and examples so you can easily see how to put them into practice.

## About the author

Alena Shapack is a US developer, mainly specialized in security researching, working with some of 500 Fortune company. Her research interest are focused on cybersecurity and in particular on financial malware analysis and fraud detection. She is actively involved in research projects funded by the major companies such as Meta, or Google. In addition, she has been teaching courses in databases, algorithms and data structures, security and privacy, and advanced techniques for data protection, at undergraduate, master, and PhD levels. She has been invited to lecture in international summer schools, where she taught courses on data protection, privacy, and access control.