Modern Coding

An intuitive guide for coding advanced data structures and algorithms

ISBN: 9785871352533

Authors: John Sormontone

Pages: 768

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Having trouble deciding which coding scheme to employ, how to design a new scheme, or how to improve an existing system? This summary of the state-of-the-art in iterative coding makes this decision more straightforward. With emphasis on the underlying theory, techniques to analyse and design practical iterative coding systems are presented. The basic concepts are extended for several general codes, including the practically important class of turbo codes. The simplicity of the binary erasure channel is exploited to develop analytical techniques and intuition, which are then applied to general channel models. A chapter on factor graphs helps to unify the important topics of information theory, coding and communication theory.

In a new world for programming, Sormontone tries to resamble the hidden elements that powered the first years of computer science. An intuitive journey into implementation of algorithms and advanced data structures will enable you to write the programs of the 21st century, written by people of 21st century. The book also includes examples written in Go programming language.

About John Sormontone

After a few years on bakery, John gave up everything and started to study Computer Science after he first purchased an AMIGA computer. 30 years later, John is a well-known author (not for his cakes, for sure) that has released over 3,000 copies with Modern Computer Science: How to Study Correctly and Modern Coding: An Intuitive Guide for Coding Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms.